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COVID-19 Safety Practices

Providing safe and clean environments for our patients is always a top priority – especially now. Prior to reopening our office, I consulted with a board-certified Cardiac Anesthesiologist specializing in cardiothoracic surgery (heart and lungs) treating those affected by COVID-19 on the front lines. Following his advice, I made important investments to redesign our office to make it ultra-safe.


We are now welcoming our patients back with open arms, and want you to feel at ease knowing new enhancements and procedures have been implemented as noted below. 

  • We all have been double vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19.

  • We will check our own temperatures each morning. 

  • We will be social distancing in the workplace among ourselves and with our patients.

  • Please call us when you arrive for your scheduled appointment and wait in your car until we come out to get you. You will need a mask to enter the office. If you do not have one, we will gladly provide one for you.

  • Please dress warmly or bring a sweater. Due to the amount of protective gear, we will be wearing, we will be keeping the office cool.

  • We will ask permission to take your temperature via a non-invasive process. 

  • We will be wearing face shields, N-95 masks, washable full-length gowns, and gloves. 

  • You will be draped in a blue apron with high-speed evacuation present in each room for all procedures.

  • In most cases, cleanings will be performed without the ultrasonic dental cleaning tool, meaning a more personal touch and labor-intensive treatment — and less pain for sensitive teeth. There will be no change in our hygiene fees. 

  • If our hygienist needs to use the ultrasonic dental cleaning tool, a new high-volume evacuator will be used which decreases aerosols by 93%.

  • We have placed an XPOWER X-2480A Professional 3 Stage Filtration HEPA Purifier System in each room that scrubs the air 12x per hour.

  • We have placed a negative air machine in each room that will create a sanitized, negative pressure room like an operating room, along with zip wall zip doors to enter and Hornet UV Fixtures in our A/C and heating ducts and halcyon ceiling air filters. 

  • We have installed a Fog Electric Atomizer Sprayer to sanitize all office areas.

  • We will be providing each patient with a mask to take home for private use.

Our office remodels and upgrades are now considered a best practice and exceed CDC, AMA, and ADA guidelines. I recently presented reopening advice to more than 160 dentists North Shore University Hospital-Long Island Jewish Medical Center where I teach every Thursday.

Circumventing routine periodontal cleanings, needed fillings and crowns today, could result in additional emergencies that may imperil your total health and/or the salvageability of your teeth later. Don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment. We stay committed to your safety, our well-being, and providing the ultimate in excellent dental care. 

We Look Forward To Seeing You!

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