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Pediatric Dentistry: Baby Bottle Tooth Decay & Treatment


Many parents are very surprised to learn that tooth decay in babies is actually quite common. So, how does it happen? The most frequent cause of dental decay in babies is called “baby bottle tooth decay” and is most common in children who spend long periods of time drinking from bottles that contain formula, milk, juice, or other sweet drinks. Baby bottle tooth decay is one of the most infectious diseases among babies and can actually begin immediately after the first tooth appears.

Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Since your child’s primary, or baby teeth, will eventually fall out why is it so important to take care of the baby teeth? Dr. Herman explains: “When a very young baby loses a primary tooth , the surrounding teeth will often shift and therefore leave less space for the adult teeth to grow in properly. This can cause all kinds of problem as your child gets older”.

Finding Baby Bottle Tooth Decay & Treating It

If you want to check for baby bottle tooth decay in your baby, look for white spots on the gum line or on the upper front portion of the teeth. These spots are sometimes very hard to detect without the use of dental equipment. So, if you are concerned, a quick dental exam with Dr. Herman will calm your fears.

HOW to PREVENT TOOTH DECAY IN babies and children

You can start your child off with good oral health even before he or she is born! If you’re an expectant mom don’t skip your regular dental visits during pregnancy. Once your little one is born (and up to about one year of age) wipe his or her gums daily with a fresh, clean washcloth. We also encourage you to try to wean your baby off the bottle as young as 12-15 months of age to prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

At Advanced Dentistry of Long Island we want to be sure your children have good oral health for life. The best time to start is at the beginning.

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