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Dental Implants: Bone Grafting Services in Woodbury, Long Island

In some cases, a patient will need more bone in order for Dr. Herman to properly place a dental implant. That’s where our bone grafting services come in. We use bone grafts to fill in the areas where bone is missing. In most of these cases, there has already been some bone deterioration, which is the often the reason that a tooth was lost in the first place. We are one of the most experienced practices in bone grafting services on Long Island.

Types of Dental Bone Grafting

There are generally four types of dental bone grafts used in dental surgery: autografts, allografts, alloplastic, and xenografts.


Autografts are when we use bone tissue from one part of your body and graft it onto healthy bone tissue in your mouth. Because we use your own bone, this is the most successful bone grafting technique and usually results in regeneration of the missing jawbone.


The allograft bone grafting technique uses bone donated by people that are part of a donor program. Bone obtained in this manner must undergo rigorous testing and careful sterilization. The miracle of allografts is that your body will absorb the donor bone and it becomes a part of your jaw, as if it were your own.


Alloplastic grafts are made from a synthetic material, most often a form of calcium phosphate. Depending on how it is produced your body may or may not replace the alloplastic graft with natural bone. Alloplastic bone grafts can act as a mesh or scaffold upon which your natural bone can form.


Xenografts are dental bone grafts where the material is harvested from animals. Specially processed to make it biocompatible and carefully sterilized, xenografts act like “filler” that your body, in time, will replace with your own natural bone.

With bone grafting services, dental implants are becoming easier to place and more affordable than ever before. Dr. Herman and our Long Island team are ready to help you get back your natural smile; feel free to contact the office for more information on bone grafting. Our phone number is 516-921-8010. You can make an appointment by phone or by filling out the form to the right.

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