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At Advanced Dentistry of Long Island we are proud to be known as a top dental implantology practice in our area. Dr. Marc Herman has successfully provided dental implants services for our Long Island patients for many years. Today, modern technology makes dental implants a possibility for more people than ever before.

The miracle of dental implants is that they are actually artificial tooth roots, which are surgically (and permanently) placed into the jawbone. One or more missing teeth can be replaced this way by attaching a crown, a fixed bridge, or a full set of dentures on top of the implants. Most patients look and feel as if their dental implants are their own natural teeth.


Dental implants are the perfect solution to replace a single tooth, groups of two or more missing teeth, or where the teeth are completely missing in one or both jaws. Once placed, implants are used to support individual crowns or bridges, which are then attached to the implants. Dental implants can also be used to help removable dentures stay in place more securely.


If you are healthy, and have good oral hygiene, you are likely a good candidate for dental implants. Dr. Herman will begin the dental implant process by conducting a clinical examination involving inspection, palpation, and gentle probing of the potential implant site and your adjacent teeth. He will then assess whether you have sufficient bone volume and gum thickness to allow for the placement of the dental implant. In a case where there is not sufficient bone, he may opt for a bone graft to build up the implant site.

Dr. Herman and his staff are of the utmost knowledgeable and professional. I know I will receive the best care, and my smile is proof! – Bre N.


In most cases dental implants are placed using local anesthesia in our office. We use OnSet, a very fast-acting and ultra-safe anesthetic. If your case is  complex, Dr. Herman may recommend that the surgical phase of the dental implants be performed while you are under general anesthesia the office of a specialist or in the hospital.

The healing period will last between three and six months, after which your new teeth will be attached to the implants. But don’t fear, we use temporary implants during this period so you look and feel natural. After your new teeth are attached to the implants, you’ll visit the office every six to 12 months for regular check-ups.

Would you like to explore the possibility of our dental implants services for yourself or for someone you love? Please feel free to call our Woodbury, Long Island office at 516-921-8010 to make an appointment for a consultation; or simply complete the form to the right. We are here to serve you!

Bone Grafting

We are one of the most experienced practices in bone grafting services on Long Island.


Sinus Lift

There are times when dental implant surgery is not an option because of the shape of a patient’s jawbone. In these cases, Dr. Herman may opt to perform a sinus lift procedure.


“Dr. Herman and his staff are of the utmost knowledgeable and professional. I know I will receive the best care, and my smile is proof!”

Bre N.

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