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Cosmetic Dentistry: Professional Teeth Whitening in Woodbury,Long Island


When discerning patients want the safest and most perfectly executed professional teeth whitening on Long Island, they turn to Dr. Marc Herman and the staff in our Woodbury office.

First, Dr. Herman will help you choose the perfect color to give you a natural-looking smile. Not too white, not too dark…and ideal for your face and your complexion. The office procedure is done In just one visit and immediately you’ll see a noticeable transformation in the color of your teeth.

After the professional teeth whitening procedure in the office, you will take home custom fitted trays and tubes of a gentle whitening gel. The trays are meant to be worn at night while you sleep and the gel works to bring your teeth up slowly to the perfect level of whiteness that you desire.

To see samples of  transformations that have come out of our practice, check out the before and after photos of our teeth whitening procedures. < LINK

Ready for your own transformation? Feel free to make an appointment for your professional teeth whitening procedure by completing the form to the right or by simply calling our office at 516-921-8010. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about teeth whitening.

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