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Panorex X-ray/Dental Cone Beam CT


The panorex x-ray is a single picture of all your teeth and surrounding bones. Sometimes referred to as a single full mouth series, the panorex provides a two of three-dimensional panoramic view of your mouth. The panorex x-ray also exposes parts of your jaw that can’t be seen with traditional dental x-rays, allowing the view of: your entire upper and lower jawbones, your temporomandibular joints, the nasal sinuses and their surrounding bones, the mandibular nerve, which provides sensation to the teeth and gums of the lower jaw. These views help detect:

Early detection of oral cancer: A panoramic x-ray makes it easier to see cysts and tumors, whether benign or malignant.

TMJ: A better view of TMJ makes it easier to diagnose tempromandibular joint disorder

Jaw bone problems: We can locate fractures or trauma to the jaw bones. Diseases of the jaw bone are also more evident on a panorex x-ray.

Gum disease: Receding bones, a sign of gum disease, can also be seen. This will help us recommend the correct gum disease treatment.

Tooth and jaw development: We can check whether your child’s permanent teeth are developing correctly beneath his or her baby teeth. It is also used to check for a malocclusion* in adults.

Impacted wisdom teeth: We can see the location and angle of which wisdom teeth are impacted, which may help them determine an oral surgery treatment plan.

Dental restorations: We can determine the need for dentures or dental braces and determine the placement of dental implants.

Sinus problems: Sometimes sinus problems can trigger tooth pain. Diagnosing a sinus condition as the source of your toothache can help prevent the need for unnecessary dental treatment of toothache remedies.

Although the panorex is an excellent way for us to check for problems with the jaw – it is not as precise at detecting dental cavities, which is why we take bitewing or other types of x-rays to help diagnose dental problems pertaining strictly to your teeth.

Our office’s machine is also capable of taking dental cone beam CT. This produces three dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. These detailed images will help evaluate diseases of the jaw, dentition, bone structures of the face, nasal cavity and sinuses.

We use our panorex x-ray as part of a routine checkup and dental cleaning. Like a full set of bitewing x-rays, the panorex single full mouth series is used during your initial dental visit and every 3-5 years to check for signs of dental problems. There is no need to be concerned about radiation – our digital machine has the advantage of lower radiation exposure compared to a full set of traditional dental x-rays.

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