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Post-Op Instructions: What to Expect After a Root Canal Procedure

After a root canal procedure you may experience a certain level of pain or discomfort. While we will give you plenty of information on what to expect after your root canal procedure as well as proper after care tips, we know that other questions may arise after you’ve left our Woodbury office.

We want to make sure your root canal procedure doesn’t inconvenience your busy lifestyle, so we’ve put together some root canal after care information.

  • Avoid biting on the tooth for the first few days after the root canal procedure, this area can be very tender.
  • While your mouth is still numb, take the pain medication that the dentist has prescribed to avoid unnecessary pain.
  • Root canal after care also includes brushing and flossing normally, but for the first few days try to avoid anything that causes pain to the treated area.
  • Do not eat sticky foods such as caramel or jellybeans and stay away from chewing gum.

If you had pain in the affected area before the root canal procedure, you may expect some pain to last for another week. However, if the pain becomes intolerable or if you experience fever and/or bleeding, call the office immediately at 516-921-8010. We are here for you!

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